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Jacki and I- Engagement photos- Tipsoo Lake

November 18, 2018

Tipsoo Lake, Mt Rainier National Park – Engagement

Another throw back as I launch my blog. I think it’s only fitting that I tell you about Jacki and I’s engagement and tell you how I shot it. Yep, I shot my own engagement and crushed it.

I knew that I wanted to propose to Jacki. We had spent the last 6 months traveling, having deep discussions on life and goals, and laughing until we were crying. I knew she was the one and I knew that I wanted my proposal to be a memorable one and one that I was going to try and capture myself.

I was thinking of all the ways to propose. And then it hit me. I knew how to completely throw her off guard. At the time, I was working on my website and knew it was the perfect way to get her outdoors and into a dress by telling her I wanted to do some self portraits of us for my homepage. Over the next week, I scouted spots and came up with a spot in the North Cascades and Tipsoo Lake. I didn’t plan on proposing for a few months but I had bought the ring and couldn’t wait.

I saw that the weather was perfect , one weekend in July, down at Mt. Rainier and told her we were going to take some pictures for my website. Impromptu trip, mosquitos and sleeping in the back of my Toyota FJ Cruiser, she wasn’t too thrilled. However, she’s a trooper and thought she was really helping me with my website. We found the perfect dress in her closest, I packed my gear, wine and snacks ( she still wasn’t picking up on it) and we headed out.

Here’s the fun part. We get to Tipsoo Lake about 2 hours before sunset. Plenty of time to wander around and scout the best spots. I found my location and began to get things set up. As Jacki changed into her dress, I subtly slid the ring into my back pocket and set my cameras up.  I knew I wanted to shoot wide and narrow, to get two different perspectives.

The set up was simple. 2 Nikon D810’s, 24-70 F/2.8 and a Sigma Art 150-300 F/2.8. Both set up on tripods, I had Jacki position herself about 30 yards away, set my focus points for both cameras and switched auto focus off.

From there, I dialed in my exposure and set the intervalometers to shoot 5 shots, every 5 seconds. I was ready to go. I started the intervalometers and walked towards the beautiful woman I was about to ask to marry me.

We goofed off, talked about random things and posed for a few shots. She had no idea. At least she said she didn’t.  I feel like it all happened so fast. I knew my cameras were on a timer and had to act quick and not get too caught up in the moment. I asked her if there was any other poses that she would like to try. “Babe, this is your deal”. Well, I told her that I had one more pose for her and dropped to my knee.

I’ll never forget the shock on her face. I knew I caught her completely off guard, just how I wanted. I gave her the ring, she said “yes” and we went on the rest of the night getting eaten by mosquitos and drinking wine out of the back  of my FJ Cruiser.

I knew I caught her completely off guard, just how I wanted. I gave her the ring, she said “yes” and we went on the rest of the night getting eaten by mosquitos and drinking wine out of the back of my FJ Cruiser.

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